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How COVID has Affected Freightzy

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The pandemic has provided new challenges for the business world. It has heavily affected the transportation industry with not only shortages but also surpluses, making capacity issues ongoing for most freight carriers. This pandemic has been devastating, yet it has been incredible to see our industry beginning to reach the other side.

Freightzy has had a unique relationship with the pandemic. Our company started operating only a few days before the virus gained its ‘pandemic’ status, which provided an unusual opportunity for us. Unlike others, in which they had to rethink their business model and operations, we could develop and run under government regulations. We were fortunate to receive funding from the Business Development Bank of Canada, which immensely helped us as we navigated our position within the industry. We have demonstrated flexibility by successfully expanding during each rapid change, and we continue to bring that same adaptability to our customers every day. Freightzy comprises a hybrid team of workers—a strategy we had expected from the start, allowing us to provide superior customer service daily. We have transitioned between a hybrid and fully remote workplace as the pandemic has shifted.

So, in short, Covid’s effect on Freightzy was fortunately quite minimal. However, the challenges imposed on us early on have led to a determination that continues to be an asset to our team. We are driven to be change-makers within our industry and rethink our role within the environment. There has been a silver lining to the pandemic, as it has proven that our society can persevere and come together when faced with global uncertainty, and climate change is no different. We believe our industry can extend the same effort towards climate action as it has towards overcoming the limitations set by the pandemic. Our carbon-neutral shipping program is one step Freightzy has taken to break down these barriers for the industry.


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