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What is Customer Specific Pricing?

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Within the transportation industry, each LTL carrier has different rate offerings, depending on the lane, weight and priority of the shipment. For these reasons, plus many more, we offer customer-specific pricing, commonly known as CSP. Freightzy was built on 5 core pillars; one of which being ideas. When a shipper becomes one of our clients, we constantly evaluate and benchmark their freight spend against industry best practices with the goal of bettering the customer experience associated with LTL transportation.

Within this offering, customers choose to have all their freight transported with a single specified carrier. There is a mutual benefit to using this feature. Carriers have the assurance that the company will be committed to using its services, and the company has trust in the price and dependability of the carrier.

This offering provides cost assurance for all of your shipments, minimizing any risk or price surprises as you are getting a competitive rate completely unique to your company. As well, you are able to develop a closer relationship with the carrier. This communication can increase trust and responsiveness from the carrier which may prove beneficial with any unforeseen issues, such as those regarding capacity. Many customers without CSP book carriers for each load depending on their cost-effectiveness at that time, however, switching from carrier to carrier leads to less trust and inconsistency in timing and communication which can prove exhausting for expecting receivers.

One beneficial aspect of CSP is that it is both flexible and short-term, meaning if you are unhappy with the agreed-upon price, or begin experiencing issues with the carrier, you are not forced to live out the terms of your contract and can freely continue to use our aggressive blanket pricing, or try to leverage your volume for discounts with another carrier.

To begin executing CSP, we collect your company’s historical shipping data to determine your eligibility. Using this information, we are able to narrow down which carriers would be most inclined to implement the deal and present a bid packet to each. Once chosen, the carrier and your company form a decided-upon rate agreement for the year and begin implementation.

When choosing CSP with Freightzy, you gain access to a direct portal to book and track shipments that your company can view with complete transparency at any time. This portal also ensures you always use the proper NMFC code, limiting issues with each shipment. If you are a current Freightzy customer, please reach out to us for information on creating a CSP model through our company. For new companies, please send an email to!


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