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Why Should New Grads Enter the Transportation Industry?

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As I can relate personally to this question, I would like to start a more casual conversation; Hi! I’m Amanda, a university student currently co-oping at Freightzy, studying Marketing Management and Sustainable Business. Before my placement with Freightzy, I had zero experience within the industry and knew nothing more than the concepts of trucking and warehousing. I also had minimal knowledge of the potential long-term career paths and possibilities available when working in the industry.

After these seven months at Freightzy, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of supply chain management as well as marketing, account management, and sales. From business degrees to psychology and environmental science, any new grad can find a niche within transportation to build off from. I truly believe the industry is a great entry point for recent grads entering the business world. Transportation is experiencing rapid changes due to the pressing need for environmentally-focused initiatives and remedies to the Covid-19-intensified capacity issues. Recruiters are looking for candidates with new degrees and a fresh perspective to facilitate these advancements, encourage change and separate themselves from competitors.

For myself, I was able to use my studies to extend Freightzy’s carbon-neutral program. It is fantastic to work for a company that values my perspective and wants to leverage that to build a better industry overall. Especially right now, you will be part of the wave of changemakers! I believe that as technologies change and priorities shift, there will continue to be a growing need for employees with different academic backgrounds to bring novel and creative solutions.

Earlier this month, we met with a company representative who mentioned that there are always openings for drivers. Most current drivers have been in the industry for decades and are nearing the age of retirement. There will be a massive increase in job opportunities and a large gap with a desperate need to be filled. Even working as a driver and gaining a first-hand look at the demands of the industry could be incredibly rewarding before seeking a different role.


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