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Why Use a 3rd Party Logistics Company

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The benefit of using a third-party logistics company is as simple as allowing your company to focus on what it does best. Rather than concentrating on the details of your supply chain internally, an external company has expertise dedicated to its field. At Freightzy, we have all of your shipping needs covered, and have the experience to find the most dependable carriers to transport your valuable merchandise. We also prioritize real-time tracing to ensure each shipment is transported smoothly, which may not be an activity that your company finds value in committing to on a daily basis. With experience in the industry, many third-party companies can transport products at a competitive rate, one particularly lower than that offered for commercial customers.

As well, we offer a sustainable means of transportation with our carbon offset program. We are able to oversee and measure your company’s emissions with the shipment data we generate for your company. Though we handle the daily transportation of your products, we always provide your company with updated information to ensure your understanding of each decision and change along the way. To learn more about our company offset program, click here.


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